Re-sealing concrete surfaces


Most concrete surfaces such as benchtops, BBQ areas, dining tables and bathroom vanities need to be maintained to ensure their longevity. At Pop Concrete we offer a re-seal service to all architectural concrete elements in your home or business. This ongoing maintenance will help to bring new life to your concrete and help prevent unwanted staining or aging.

Sometimes we encounter heavily stained surfaces and with concrete being a natural product, we do need to stress that not all stains are able to be removed. What we can promise is that we do our very best to either lighten or remove the stain. We are upfront about this as sometimes stains have been present for years. It just entirely depends on the stain and what caused it in the first place.

Sealer Restoration - Before Photo

Sealer Restoration - Before Photo


Our process

Sealer removal

Over time the sealer that was applied to your concrete will wear and deteriorate. This can potentially cause staining and may lead to etched concrete from acidic materials. We love the natural patina that a well-used concrete benchtop develops however it is still a good idea to periodically give your concrete a deep clean.

Our first step it to remove the old existing sealer and clean the surface well.

Sealer Restoration - Before Photo

Sealer Restoration - Before Photo


Concrete repair

As with any loved element in the house or office, sometime accidents happen. With concrete this comes in the form of chipping, staining or scratching. In our extensive reseal process we take the time to colour match repair chips and cracks to bring the concrete back to a useable state.

If needed, we also polish rough or heavily patinaed areas back to smooth.


Sealer Restoration - AfterPhoto

Sealer Restoration - AfterPhoto

Concrete sealing

The key part of the process is to obviously put the sealer back onto the concrete. We use a variety of concrete sealers chemically engineered for high wear areas such as concrete benchtops and bathroom vanities. At the time of the job we’ll ask you more information about the area which will direct us to use one sealer over another.

Our sealing process will take a couple of applications depending on the age and wearing of the concrete surface.

The whole process typically takes 1-3 days.


Clean up & Finish

Sealer Restoration - After Photo

Sealer Restoration - After Photo

Although we take the time to go slow and work clean, there is always a little bit of dust associated with the process. We catch as much dust we can, but our last process is to do a clean down of the surrounding area. If we removed any silicon caulking in the cleaning process, we will also reapply this.


What we need from you

In a perfect world we need to know a couple of things before we can give you a quote on the job:

  • The size of the pieces you need re-sealed
  • The sealer that is on the concrete
  • Any photos you can provide to help us get an idea of the issue
  • The job location

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